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BioBag is proud to be the best selling brand of certified 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable bags made from the material, Mater-Bi. We are also proud to be the first “bag from corn” to achieve national distribution of retail products across the country.

Recently, the city of San Francisco selected BioBag to promote their residential food waste collection program. The city is sending 100,000 rolls of BioBags to residents within the county to help educate consumers on the importance of diverting food and other biodegradable waste from entering landfills. San Francisco residents can now purchase additional supplies at over 100 outlets in the bay area. BioBag is proud to be a partner in this important effort.

We have listed below facts and data regarding BioBag products:

Landfill Placement of BioBags:
BioBags are designed to be composted and returned naturally back to the earth. If BioBags are placed in an “open” or “turned” landfill they will decompose at a rate similar to other biodegradable materials in the same setting. If BioBags are placed in an anaerobic (air-locked) landfill and deprived of oxygen and the existence of the micro-organisms that “eat” naturally biodegradable materials, their ability to decompose will be severely restricted. This is true of all biodegradable materials placed in this setting, including paper, yard waste and food waste.

As a consumer, you should be quite suspicious of any manufacturer making claims that their products will biodegrade quickly in an air-locked landfill.

BioBag and the Environment

The material Mater-Bi - What is it?
Mater-Bi is produced by Novamont, an Italian research company dedicated to environmental alternatives to polyethylene-based plastics. Mater-Bi is the first completely biodegradable and compostable bio-polymer ever invented. The processes are protected by more than 50 patents.

Mater-Bi™ really is a dream come true. It is a material that serves Sustainable Development, it combines environmental demands with those of Agriculture and Industry. The bioplastic developed by Novamont is the real response to the demand for convenience goods that have a small environmental impact. It comes from renewable resources of agricultural origin, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and the consumption of energy and non renewable resources, and it completes a virtuous circle: the raw materials of agricultural origin return to the earth through processes of biodegradation and composting , without releasing pollutants.

Under extremely clear and strict regulations on environmental matters (EN 13432 ) Novamont and Mater-Bi™ are exemplary models, because of the certifications obtained, the analysis and control instruments used, and the guiding role in numerous national and international initiatives, whose aim was increasingly to clarify and define the most suitable policies for safeguarding the environment.

Mater-Bi™ comes from renewable raw materials of agricultural origin and from non-genetically modified starch. Novamont manufactures and sells various lines of biopolymers for a variety of manufacturing processes, all with the Mater-Bi™ trademark. The material is available in granular form.

All of the Mater-Bi™ grades:

1. are completely biodegradable in different environments: in composting, in the soil, in fresh and in salt water;
2. can be worked using the same processes as for traditional plastics and with similar output;

3. can be printed on, using normal inks and printing techniques, without the need for crown treatment;

4. can be colored in bulk, using biodegradable Master-batches;

5. are intrinsically anti-static;

6. can be sterilized using gamma rays.

Biodegradability is characteristic of natural substances and materials of being assimilated by micro-organisms, and thus introduced into the natural cycles. In effect, it is a concept that is familiar to everyone.

When natural organic materials go into the ground, they tend to decompose progressively, to disappear. This phenomenon is very important for the environment, which has to get rid of waste to make room for new life. Trees, plants and algae, meaning photosynthetic organisms, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and, with the power of the sun, the inexhaustible source of energy, use it to synthesize sugars, and a whole range of other substances present in Nature.

The flow of substances and energy passes along the food chain from the plants to the herbivores, and from these, to carnivores. However, this mechanism would quickly become blocked if the opposite process did not exist, that is, if it was not possible to release carbon dioxide from organic material. So, in natural equilibrium, the process of biodegradation is as important as that of photosynthesis, of which it is both the outcome and the starting point. An important role is played in biodegradation by micro-organisms, which are present in every environment, and which are fed by organic waste. Thus, organic material is transformed again into carbon dioxide, thereby completing the natural cycle.


United States

Plastic bags largely displaced paper bags as the most common type of shopping bag during the late 1980s and early 1990s. There has been no broad government action against the litter problem, although some local governments have enacted ordinances, and many stores allow customers to return the bags for recycling. Empty bags carried on the wind are popularly known as "urban tumbleweed."

On March 27, 2007, the City and County of San Francisco became the first city to ban common plastic shopping bags. Starting July 2007, all large supermarkets in the state of California will be required, by law, to take back and recycle plastic shopping bags.

Portland Oregon is next to ban Plastic bags according to Thanh Tan of news Channel KATU. Currently Trellis Earth Products of Portland Oregon is one of the only manufacturers of corn based Bio bags.

Plastic shopping bags are banned in at least 30 villages and towns in Alaska, including the towns of Emmonak, Galena, and Kotlik.

Ikea, the home furnishings retailer, imposes its own charge for plastic shopping bags in the US — charging $0.05 to any customer who wants a plastic sack. A similar charge has been in place since spring 2006 at Ikea stores in the UK, and the company says it has reduced use of bags in UK stores by 95 percent. Ikea hopes the 5-cent fee in the U.S. cuts bag use in half, from 70 million bags a year to 35 million.


In 2002, a National Packaging Covenant Council plastic bags working group in Australia identified four main concerns with plastic shopping bags:

  1. Plastic bag littering, and associated indiscriminate waste disposal and consumer behaviour;
  2. Resource consumption issues, including reduction, reuse and recycling;
  3. Plastic degradability issues relating to littering and resource use;
  4. Social issues, community education and awareness, and consumer perceptions.

The following disadvantages have also been identified:


Reduced plastic shopping bag use can either be achieved by reusing the bags themselves or by shopping with other types of bags. Durable bags brought from home are the most environmentally-friendly alternative. Paper shopping bags may or may not be a better alternative to plastic, depending on the environmental effect considered most important.


According to the United States EPA, only 1% of plastic bags were recycled in 2000. When one ton of plastic bags is reused or recycled, the energy equivalent of 11 barrels of oil is saved.

According to the UK government department for environment (DEFRA), there are several problems with plastic recycling, and in particular plastic bags:

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Welcome to High Desert Earth Products, we are so glad you have taken this time to look at our page and learn more about us! In today’s world, it is essential that we all go Green. Green products that are Green through and through.

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